The Floods That Foiled Christmas Eve 2013

Whitwell suffered some severe flooding during 04:00 on Christmas Eve in 2013 after the River Yar burst its banks. 

Residents living in the houses & cottages lining the High Street were out in force trying to stop the water from entering their properties – for some, it was too late.

You can see in damage caused in the video and photographs below – lower areas of the High Street were submerged under 2ft of water, resulting in the road becoming impassable for around an hour.

Island Roads 24-hour helpline was called to see if they could issue sandbags but there were none available at the time.

Residents worked throughout the morning ripping out carpets and personal belongings and try to salvage what they could.

Photos & video were taken by Shane Thornton – the video was used on the BBC, ITV & Channel 4’s documentary ‘The Floods That Foiled New Year: Caught on Camera’.